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Shell doesn’t want you to see this video

This video, which shows Greenpeace successful prank-protest against Shell during the Grand Prix ceremony, has been banned from YouTube. But this is the internet and we don’t like corporate censorship. So watch the video, share it and save the Arctic.

Is this the first polar bear to die because of climate change? Dr Ian Stirling, renowned polar bear expert, thinks so. Read the full story:

Check out the Buycott app which helps you avoid the Koch brothers, Monsanto and other terrible companies.

Jill Stein: Why capitalism is killing the planet

Hundreds of socialists, environmentalists and climate activists attended the first Ecosocialist Conference in New York City last month. One of the featured speakers at the conference was Jill Stein, the nominee of the Green Party during the 2012 national election in the US, who held a talk about how capitalism is killing the planet.

Watch it here:

Read more about the conference here:

Green or dirty energy? The choice is ours.

Coca-Cola probably doesn’t want you to see this ad

Seabirds and other animals often mistake plastics with food. These plastic objects slowly fills their stomachs over time until they are unable to ingest any real food. A slow death by starvation then follows for these poor seabirds.

In Australia, this plastic rubbish is estimated to affect up to 65% of the seabird population. And Coca-Cola is currently trying to fight legislation that is key to fixing this problem. 

This short ad, by Greenpeace, exposes how Coca-Cola is willing to let plastic pollution trash our oceans and kill our marine life. 

Learn more:

Here’s three things you can do to help stop Coca-Cola trashing Australia:

Bike-sharing programs are getting more and more popular around the world. This article takes a closer look on the history of bike-sharing and some of the cities in which this ecofriendly mode of transportation flourishes. 

"Today more than 500 cities in 49 countries host advanced bike-sharing programs, with a combined fleet of over 500,000 bicycles."

Urban transport advisor Peter Midgley notes that “bike sharing has experienced the fastest growth of any mode of transport in the history of the planet.” And the size and growth of these bike-sharing programs are amazing. One Chinese city’s bike-sharing system could grow to 175,000 bikes by 2020.

Read more:

Also read about Copenhagen and Lund, two cities in Scandinavia where bicycles dominate the roads:

Photo by Mr. T in DC.

On this day, 27 years ago, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster took place. Please take a moment to sign this petition and demand that the nuclear industry pay for the damage their reactors cause in disasters like Fukushima. Learn more and sign the petition here!

Check out our nuclear energy archive:

I’ll never forget this speech by Hugo Chávez at the COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen in which he linked capitalism to global warming: "A ghost is stalking the streets of Copenhagen[…] it’s capitalism, capitalism is that ghost[…] The destructive model of capitalism is the eradication of life."

The full speech can be found here:


of whacky conspiracy theories to defend the greed and destruction of the Big Oil corporations, in reality, scientists know that Climate Change is very real, and the activities of our species is the primary causal factor. This is not open to debate any more than the value of pi or the existence of gravity is. You either accept the science behind Global Warming or you are an irrational flat earther. Period. peer review

This response by Ian Angus to David Attenborough’s overpopulation comment is essential reading.

In an interview last week, Attenborough called humans “a plague on the Earth” and called on the world to put limits on population growth.

"Yes, there is a plague on the earth, but it isn’t people," Angus writes in his response to Attenborough. "It’s a social and economic system that puts profit before people, that treats food as a commodity instead of as a basic human right. So long as that system remains in place, hunger and poverty will continue, no matter what happens to birth rates."

Via normalbiadam.

Via motherjones.


Exxon Hates Your Children

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